tui na

This massage and manipulation treatment system enhances acupuncture and herbal clinical treatments by promoting circulation and disease resistance. It can be provided at home by pet owners on a daily basis between office visits. It has been effective in treating musculoskeletal and geriatric conditions and internal diseases. Pets seem to enjoy Tui Na treatments, and owners who provide it become more closely bonded with their pets.

All of these services are combined with Traditional Veterinary medicine. Fees are variable depending on the services needs by your pet, but the average charge is $135 per hour.

Veterinary Consultations:
I am available to for veterinary consultations with licensed veterinarians, and I am also available for phone consultations with clients about general animal health questions.

Due to legal requirements, phone consultations about specific patients need to be from Pennsylvania calls only and should be from clients with whom she has a valid client-patient relationship.